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Life with Art

Author:Life with Art
Life with Art

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Master Artwork Therapist
Shikibu Nozawa
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We had another two selective workshops, two short sessions and closing ceremony.

At the beginning of the day, there was a morning reflection.
Gathered as a group, shared experiences what we learned, felt interesting, inspired...and so on.
It was a kind of tough nice start of the day, and we did it!


Also, the photos of the sessions I participated in Day2 :

In and Out of the Box: A Process for Individual and Group Creativity
Facilitated by Jimbo Clark (Taiwan)

If you see just this photo, seems weird (yes, it's true partially).
However, the workshop really was so creative and brought participants
a deep awareness what was in and out of "me" myself as a facilitator and reminds us a balance between them.
Each dimension of the box has its meaning and both program/process were well-formed.
You will be surprised if you experienced this workshop.


Delight! Fun Cup Cake Workshop
Facilitated by Pam Hu (Singapore) & Lim Hon Li (Singapore)

It was such a lovely workshop and beyond my expectations.
Through the process, members felt ties/teamships though most of our members
were first met and never be a team before among these members.
In the end, surprisingly each team was satisfied with their goal that built up
from nothing.

cupcake_workshop_05.jpg cupcake_workshop_04.jpg


Time flies so fast...

At the closing ceremony, we as from Japan, was passed the flag from China members
for the next year of the IAF conference in Tokyo, Japan.
And weaved our story toward the next conference.

IAFChina_11.jpg IAFChina_12.jpg




Not only to participate in the interesting and inspiring workshops,
but also to meet so many wonderful people in this conference was
a truly pleasure for me.
And I'm looking forward to seeing you all and meeting new people
IAF ASIA 2013 in Tokyo

☆ Life with Art ☆

I just participated in IAF ASIA 2012 and that was my very first time.
There were about 100 participants from 15 over countries.

To put my experiences simply, they totally beyond my expectations.

We had opening speeches (as usual) and soon we divided into several group and
started a session to describe “ideal organization” using blocks in a very short time :0
However, our group members were talented and creative so that amazingly we made it!
“Trinity” (was our team name that means “one vision, one team and one family
got together and make an ideal organization) represented the shape of an“ideal organization”.

IAFChina_04_ideal organization

Also, we had another two selective workshops and one short session called
“Birds of a feather flock together”.

Each of them were so insightful and made me believe further the power of graphic
and the importance of reflection as a facilitator.

Here are the photos of the sessions I participated in :

The Language of Collaborative Outcomes – a dangerous ideas attachment ?
Facilitated by Tom Schwarz (Australia)

He shared us through his work the importance for having three views
as a facilitator:
my view, your view and the observer's view. I totally agree with him.


Using Graphic Metaphors in Talking, Listening and Co-creating
Facilitated by Zang Xian Kai (China)

He is such an energetic person who made tremendous efforts to find his way of
using graphics on his facilitation.
(You can easily guess how difficult to learn graphics for facilitation with a limited information.)
Through his work, I rediscover the strong power of the graphic that tells stories,
let people unite and makes things happen.


IAFChina_B203.jpg IAFChina_B202.jpg

"Birds of a feather flock together" session

This session was a kind of "world cafe" style that people meet and talk together with each theme
based on the interest of each person.
I participated in the theme "Facilitating the unseen/Invisible".
I draw images what we talked about and Lynda the topic provider presented it finally.


Then we had a gala dinner!
Many of participants from Japan (include me!) wore KIMONO/YUKATA to appeal
a next year IAF conference will be held in Tokyo, Japan.


As you see from this photo, we all enjoyed the party!!

☆ Life with Art ☆

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